Amring Pharmaceuticals Inc. Enters into License and Development Agreement with Amzell B.V.

Amring Pharmaceuticals Inc. Enters into License and Development Agreement with Amzell B.V.
12 March 2021 admin

BERWYN, Pa.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Amring Pharmaceuticals Inc. (Amring), a niche brand and generic pharmaceutical company, announced today an agreement with Amzell B.V. (Amzell) that will further strengthen its position in the marketplace with the commercial rights to one of Amzell’s leading clinical-stage programs that will bring a critical and accessible therapy for patients in need. Under this agreement Amzell will complete the full clinical development of the product in specific markets and Amring will commercialize the product. Amring will invest an undisclosed amount in the development through the clinical phase and FDA approval process.

“With the completion of this agreement and the acquisition of broad commercial rights, Amring is rapidly expanding its position as an important leader in bringing critical and affordable treatments for patients. This agreement will significantly expand our commercial presence in the USA and several regions globally,” stated Daniel Carbery, President and CEO of Amring. “We believe that this brings long term value to patients and customers in our target markets.”

Dario Carrara, PhD., Amzell’s CEO stated, “We are excited to work with Amring to bring this product to the market and into extensive clinical use to meet critical patient needs. This program is one of our top priorities, and we expect to enter into the advanced phase of our clinical trial program rapidly and efficiently.”

About Amring Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Amring Pharmaceuticals is a privately held pharmaceutical company that provides value-driven brands and niche generics to the market. The company is a subsidiary of SEVER Life Sciences B.V., a global private specialty pharmaceutical company based in the Netherlands. Amring is partnered with well-established global biopharmaceutical companies. Amring is uniquely positioned to leverage its expertise in bringing biotechnology derived medicines, sterile manufacturing and other state-of-the-art technologies to the marketplace.

About Amzell B.V.

Amzell B.V. is a specialist development pharmaceutical company which takes candidate drugs and devices either through to proof of efficacy or through to marketing authorization for further commercialisation in partnership with leading niche-based commercial healthcare companies. The company, based in Hoofddorp in the Netherlands, was founded in 2016. Amzell has a particular interest in developing well-characterized, active pharmaceutical ingredients utilizing innovative platform drug delivery technologies to provide more effective drug delivery, increased efficacy, and improved safety and compliance.

About SEVER Life Sciences B.V.

SEVER Life Sciences B.V. is a global private specialty pharmaceutical company committed to helping people around the world live better lives. Headquartered in the Netherlands, SEVER Life Sciences B.V. unites 4 separate pharmaceutical businesses, Nordic Pharma, Amring USA, Izvarino, and SEVER Pharma Solutions (QPharma and Disphar). They cover an interesting and diverse range of pharmaceutical products, business models, markets, and capabilities. SEVER has been created to leverage this diversity to provide better access to pharmaceutical products, improve overall efficiency between these diverse businesses and create value for its shareholders.

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